Our Vision

To be the World’s no.1

manufacturer of Brake Disc & Drum and To achieve this vision every employees gives their best

to the company in achieving this vision.

Our Mission

The main mission of the company is to provide high customer satisfaction because in this business. Customer satisfaction plays a very important roll. This will helps R.M.Engineering to create value in the market. Improving quality, performance, stability, & delivery in the company. Every year double growth in production & profit, Increasing quality level. Full Fill the World’s requirement with specific standard & quality. Believe on Innovation, Best Quality & including some more addition in market product & Services.

Our Objective

To reduce the customer complains.

To reduce the cost of product manufacturing. To rejection, re-work and process variations.

To improve product and process performance.

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About Us Find reasons to choose us

R. M. Engineering is the leading manufacturer of Brake Discs & Drums in India for the automotive industry. Established in 5th – May – 2005, R. M. Engineering has grown steadily to become a leading Brake Disc & Drums supplier to OEMs & OESs operating in India. With design, development and manufacturing capability that matches global standards in quality and safety, R. M. Engineering is capable of providing full Brake Discs & Drums technology from concept to completion.

The strength of R. M. Engineering India lies in its ability to motivate and harness the capabilities of its human resource, develop and nurture a strong vendor base, its commitment to quality, cost, delivery, safety and customer satisfaction.

R. M. Engineering pays particular attention to quality of products, processes, and services, and benchmarks against global quality standards. Empowered continuous improvement teams constantly strive to improve productivity, quality, cost, delivery, safety and morale.

R. M. Engineering was one of the first companies manufacturing slotted brake disc in India.

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